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So, anyone care to share opinions on the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Honestly, I thought most of it was either boring, stuffy Brit stuff, but there were a few redeeming moments.

1) The music was pretty good for the most part - the deaf drummer that looked kinda like Trelawney was cool. And even though the "music story" was dumb, a lot of the music choices from their classics were songs I like.

2) The queen as a Bond girl. LOL

3) Kenneth Branagh and JKR - their parts were boring, but I was just thrilled to see them involved.

4) Rowan Atkinson's "Chariot of Fire" skit was HILARIOUS. That was the best thing about the entire Opening Ceremony. Mr. Bean is awesome.

The parade of nations moved nice and quick for once. That was a pleasant surprise. But whoever designed the Czech Republic's outfits needs to be fired. What on earth were they thinking???

That's about it. Going from the Shire to a Gangs of New York setting was strange and not all that interesting. Stupid teens going to raves and hooking up were not appealing... and I'm not a Beatles fan so while I'll give Paul McCartney credit for keeping the audience hyped up and involved, I still didn't really care for "Hey Jude"

So what about everyone else? Likes? Dislikes?


Perky People Suck

Why do I feel the overwhelming urge to bash the overly perky exercise people in the head with a rock?

I want to get in better shape, but apparently I'll have to do it on my own terms since I hate the perky people trying to tell me what to do in exercise videos. Mom got this Zumba set a while back that she wanted to try, so I was attempting that while she and the brother are away. I had to turn it off because I'm fairly certain I'd smash Mom's DVDs if subjected to another second of those two twits.

I didn't mind the instruction - it was their annoying comments and back and forth attempts to hype each other up that grated on my nerves.

Perhaps II should take up Couch to 5K instead. At least it's merely printed instructions and I can use music to motivate myself instead of listening to a couple of airheads.

Don't misunderstand me. In my regular day to day living I tolerate, like and even love some perky people, but when it comes to exercise? So darn annoying.

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I was searching for Star Wars stuff on Amazon.com and I saw something AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Allston has written a new X-Wing novel! X-Wing Squadron: Mercy Kill will be available August of 2012. I can't wait! I didn't think they'd write any more novels in that particular series... So this is a wonderful surprise! ^_^ I just wonder where in the timeline it'll fall - are we picking up after Starfighters of Adumar or will it be a prequel of sorts? (can't really picture the second as they haven't done that with any of the others) Will we see the Wraiths or Rogues? I WANT DETAILS.

Personally I'm hoping to see Wedge and Iella's wedding. ^_^ That would be awesome. Maybe toss in a mash-up mission with Wraiths and Rogues working together.

Unfortunately Amazon has no details about it since the release is so far away. Still - WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


The birds are still there. They're sleeping in the insulation again. So cute, and so hard to resist. >:D Seeing little sleeping birds makes me want to pet them at the very least - and wild birds don't react so well to that sort of thing. XD

So.... just to share a few of the things I've dealt with this year, I thought I'd post some of the funny comments my kids have said:

Our school is near an airport so small planes fly over the playground regularly. One of my boys watched one fly by and said to himself, "That's either the Germans or the Japanese."

Same child's request for snack yesterday - "I'm soooo hungry, just like the hungry caterpillar."

KidJ: "I have lots of nerves. MILLIONS of 'em!"
Teacher: "That's right, you do."
KidJ: "My Papa doesn't though."
Teacher: "Why?"
KidJ: "Because he's always telling my sister she's on his last one."

KidT: ".... [Friend1] and [Friend2] were scared. I wasn't scared, I was like 'WOOHOO!'"

KidG: "I still have blood, y'know. It's in my finger."

This is just a small sampling of the stuff I hear every day. Of course, some days they're cuter than others... today was mostly a day of them being mean to each other and driving me crazy.

^_^ Hope you enjoyed! I'll try to catch up on everyone's pages once the semester ends on Friday... then I'll have more free time.

The Prodigal Returns...

Hey FListees!

I'm back. I know, I've done the occasional audio post over the past couple of months, but no long update type posts.

So here I am. Trying to make a comeback. I love LJ... really I do... but I have been sucked into the world that is Google+ and Pinterest. I was always big into Facebook because so many of my school friends and family were on there, but Pinterest is far more addictive.

Are any of you on Pinterest? If you are, you can find me and my boards at Fionartan. Or if you need an invite email me: fionartan@gmail.com

It is AWESOME.Click for more info on Pinterest... skip if you've heard of it before. :PCollapse )

Of course, you can also use the gmail account I posted above to friend me on Google+. It's kind of random, but I've been posting a few pics and stories about the kids at school. Oh! And you know how you can follow people on Google similar to how you'd follow famous people on Twitter? Well I added Felicia Day to my feed and so far have found a few really interesting things thanks to her. If you don't know who she is GO WATCH THE GUILD RIGHT NOW. OR DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG. She rocks.

(I've got to check out Dragon Age Redemption)

One of the things she shared was this really cool short film: Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi - The Celebrated Filmmaker and Designer Olympia Le-Tan Co-create a Tale to Pierce the Heart

The felt art is incredible and I can't imagine what it was like to have cut thousands of pieces of felt by hand for the film, but Le-Tan did. Unfortunately there are some crude words and gestures that make me hesitant to share this with my Facebook crowd, but I know you guys would be able to appreciate the art without hating it over that.

Let's see... what else... school has been going well. My kids are as hilarious as ever... I'll have to write up a post with a few of the things that I've overheard lately.

Also, I've been on a big music kick lately... I've found that I adore DeadMau5, Explosions in the Sky, and a ton of other people that I'd never have heard if not for Pandora. I have to go back and check my previous music posts so I can share some of the stuff I've come to love. Heck, I love a TON of music... I've grown more open to different types as I've gotten older, but I can honestly say that there aren't many genres that I can't appreciate. Hate individual songs? Heck yes. Entire genres? Not any more.

Heck, who would have thought that the little girl who loved country music and the popular stuff like Bone-Thugs in Harmony, would wind up leaning more towards classical music than anything else, but still love all kinds of music.

On a different note - I'm ecstatic to feel like I may have reawakened my artistic side. The urge to create art was pretty much squashed by school, but after nearly six years, I finally feel the urge to draw, paint, and craft again. My brother asked me why I wouldn't go into a photography career (because oddly enough that's the one artistic outlet that I have not seen destroyed by college burn-out), but I'm afraid that a job as a photographer would make me hate it the way classes and deadlines made me turn away from simple drawings... speaking of photography, I have a lot of pictures from my beach trip that I need to post. My new camera is AWESOME. <3

What a Difference a Letter Makes

I'm back!!!!

^_^ I hope you've all been well. I've got plans which I want to share, but at the same time.... I'd rather keep it all as a surprise. :P

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with how you're doing. (With perhaps the small exception of Mer, since I have her on Facebook and she posts regularly. Squidgee - you never post on Facebook!)

Been adding to the Rubix collection! ^_^ I've got a 360, 3x3, mirror, stress ball, and dodecahedron so far... the 2x2 is on the way. I was thinking that I could take it in some time and let my nappers try it out if my lead teacher is ok with it. It's the simplest Rubix possible. Next up - 4x4? 5x5? They are available up to 7x7 so who knows... Oh! I forgot, I ordered a pyramid version as well. It's not technically Rubix, but it's the same concept and I want to try it.

It's kind of silly for me to collect those, I suppose. After-all, I'm horrible at solving them. :P I know Squidgee's bro can solve one in no time, but I can't do it. I can get the top two layers rather easily and then I can't quite solve it. I've tried using some websites and their algorithms/sequences/whatever to solve it, but I just have NO luck when it comes to the end. But still these puzzles fascinate me. I can't resist their lure. So I HAVE to have them all. Even if they forever remain scrambled, they WILL be MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways, I need to go eat dinner. Chicken & Sausage Paella tonight! ^_^

So I leave you with this, the source of this entry's title:

It's amazing the difference one letter or sound can make in a sentence. One of my boys told the class, "I pet a whore at Holly Wild once!"

Now, of course, we KNOW he meant to say "horse" but that one little 's' sound was absent and we're left in stitches as a result. He and the other children didn't know why I was giggling so much, but there we have it. This is the same kid that last year told me a salami killed a bunch of people in Japan. He's a veritable gold mine for laughter.

Sep. 15th, 2011

I'll try to post some this weekend, but for now I just want to share my new favorite commercial.

Mom Jeans

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